Improve Your Shopify Experience

When the features offered by Shopify aren’t enough, build your own solution! We can help you create a Shopify app that makes your ecommerce experience easier.

What is a Shopify App?

Did you know the Shopify platform was designed in a such a way that allows for nearly infinite customization? To name only a small handful of possibilities, Shopify applications can help you:

  • Provide better customer service
  • Manage your inventory
  • Increase your conversion rate
  • Improve your SEO metrics
  • Find and source new products
  • The list goes on…

Many of these applications are available publicly on the Shopify app store, including some developed by us.

However, some of the apps you’ll find on the public app store have steep pricing curves, are difficult to setup, or don’t quite fit the exact need that you have for your store. There’s also a good chance that the exact app you might be looking for simply doesn’t exist at all… yet. This is where a custom application shines.

Frontier Web Development offers custom Shopify app development
We write custom Shopify apps to solve your biggest ecommerce challenges

The Benefits of a Custom Shopify App

The best part about creating your own Shopify app is that you can be sure the application will include all the features your store requires in a way that is tailored specifically for your existing workflows. Public Shopify apps do not provide this benefit as they are developed in a generic fashion that seeks to adopt a “plug and play” mentality for interfacing with as many stores as possible.

As a result, the main benefits of developing a custom app are as follows:

  • Total control over the features offered in the app
  • Higher value in the long run
  • Can be designed in a reusable fashion for access across all your stores
  • Can potentially perform tasks that are not possible on public apps

Types of Custom Shopify Apps

Effectively, there are two types of custom Shopify apps that can be developed for your store. These are embedded and remote apps. We’ll get into some of the details that distinguish one type from the other.

1. Embedded Apps

The main feature of embedded apps is that they will appear directly inside your admin panel in the “Apps” tab. This is can be a great feature in that it allows you to stay organized and keep all of your store management tools under the same roof.

These types of apps are great for harnessing data that is already present within your admin panel and extending functionality that Shopify already provides. For example, we have a public embedded Shopify app called Quick Product Import that allows merchants to upload products from a .CSV file. In effect, this application takes the existing functionality of Shopify’s product management system, and improves upon it.

Another popular use case for embedded apps is integrating your data with third-party services. This is a great way to send data to another service, and create charts and other visualization for the results that come back from that service.

On the other hand, embedded apps are not a great option when you are creating systems and networks that tie multiple stores together.

2. Remote Apps

As the complexity of merchants’ ecommerce operations continue to increase, there is increasing demand for large applications that tie stores together. This cannot (or, at the very least, should not) be done in an embedded environment.

A basic example of what is possible in this arena is as follows:

A merchant operates out of three stores that, behind the scenes, share certain products in terms of inventory count available. When a sale is made on one store, the other two stores need to acknowledge that sale and immediately adjust their inventories. This is the type of functionality that is possible in the remote environment.

Identifying App Possibilities

It’s easy to get into a particular set of habits when operating your store, and so coming with ideas for improvement is not always the most natural response. However, it’s important to keep one thing in mind: Shopify was not made for anyone in particular. Shopify was made for everyone. It has many features you don’t need, and it may lack some features that would be amazing for you.

Want to add more data to products than what is allowed out of the boxy by Shopify? An app can be made for that.

Want to facilitate more customer reviews, speed up the checkout process, change the look and feel of your cart, recommend more products at checkout, etc., etc.? An app can be made for all of these use cases and more.

Once again, this is where a custom Shopify app becomes so valuable. Unlike Shopify itself, this app will be made specifically for you, your storefront, and your business.

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