Start Selling Online, the Right Way

The era of ecommerce is totally upon us, and it isn’t going away any time soon.

Here at Frontier, we have totally bought in to the Shopify platform, and we generally think that most new businesses getting into ecommerce should too. There are many options to launch a store online, but Shopify brings a unique mix of ease-of-use, customizability, and quality that outshines the rest. It’s really a great product, and we are happy to be working with it and helping new store sellers to do the same.

We Do More than Code

Shopify comes with many great themes for you to select from that, with of customization, can be tailored to meet your exact needs. Of course, it is also possible to start from the ground up, but doing so is rarely necessary.

As a result, a large part of what we do while setting up your store is the administrative work that is both time-consuming and error prone. These are tasks like:

  • Uploading all of your products and writing descriptions
  • Performing search engine optimization
  • Finding areas that could benefit from better photos
  • Coming up with ideas to increase conversion rates
  • Etc.

Having a site that is developed properly is merely the first step toward finding success in the ecommerce space. What comes next is often reliant on the psychological aspect of your store design choices. We have developed an eye for determining what does and doesn’t work on this front.

The Top Benefits of Shopify

To elaborate a bit more on what makes Shopify worth its price tag (there are a few different pricing plans that you can pick from), here are a few more of its major benefits:

  • The complexities of payment handling are greatly simplified by Shopify
  • You are given great freedom to customize the look and feel of your shop without editing code
  • The Shopify app store, and the ability to get a custom app developed, can seriously benefit your workflow.

Another important factor is that Shopify is investing a huge amount of resources into expanding the capabilities that developers like us have in terms of creating solutions within the platform. In all, buying into Shopify at this juncture is a great bet because the platform is one that is simply filled with growth — and that is the type of environment you want to put your business into.

Launch your Shopify store today with Frontier Web Development
Launch your Shopify store today and take the plunge into ecommerce.

Get to Know Your Customers

Last but not least, one of the main benefits of Shopify over other ecommerce platforms is the possibilities you will have to learn more about those who make purchases on your site. Shopify’s streamlined checkout process requires customers to enter a large amount of data, and one of those data points is whether a particular customer should wish to opt into receiving marketing content. This, in itself, is a service that would cost a separate monthly fee on other platforms. With this data, you can make informed decisions about: your products, your store design, your copywriting, and much more.

Get Started Today

In all, we feel extremely confident in the Shopify platform and out ability to use it to deliver the results you need. From small stores that sell only a few products, to large enterprise-level businesses that have inventories spanning into the range of 10 – 50,000 products and beyond, Shopify has carved itself as the best ecommerce tool for any scenario.

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